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I forget got to add on previous response to Vebganara2 Ms Bailys dreadful review she states that we are not going to honour our 3 months warranty which is totally untrue. Because of her abrasive nasty aggressive rude demanding manner what I actually said was, I have instructed our local repairer not to deal with you as I didn't want them to go what I have been through and that she can take her car to a garage of her choice, she has a three month warranty with the RAC. We as a company take pride in looking after our customer even when there warranty has expired, we have been here over 20 years and have many happy and repeat customers. This woman has plastered every web site she can find with her dreadful comments all because she didn't like my wife's comment about her old car, and because she said as a JOKE silly cow and because we do not race out straight away when she arrives at the showroom. .
Ian Brain Owner    31-01-18


I feel I must respond Ms Bailys Venganara 2 dreadful comments about myself and my wife those customers that have dealt with me in the past know that her comments are unfounded. Ms Baily came to us in the new year looking for a car she narrowed it down to two cars a Vauxhall Meriva and a dearer Fiat Panda on inspection she chose the Meriva. Regarding her comments about my wife being rude was not the case she asked her to look at her old car with a view to part exchanging it, my wife looked at it and told her the car was worth nothing to which she became quite defensive and angry for me that should have been a warning.

Her car was an old Ford KA covered in dents and scratches on every panel filthy dirty inside and ha two days MOT left we agreed to take it off her and dispose of it to the scrap man however we allowed £95.00 for it as a goodwill jesture. Regarding my wife’s comments that she called her a “ Silly Cow “ it was said in jest on a road test when Ms Baily switched the wipers on instead of the indicators that is my wife’s jokey manner.

Shortly after Ms Bail purchased the car she text me to say her heater in the car was cold so she arranged to come in on the Wednesday for me to have a look, On the day in question my wife had taken a car for a MOT and I was working in my workshop Ms Baily arrived and was in the showroom shouting “ Hello Hello “ at the top of her voice and ignoring the bell we have for customers to ring before I could get out she was ringing my phone at this point my wife arrived, Ms Baily had parked her car in the middle of the alleyway blocking everybody when my wife asked her if she could move she became very rude and abrupt. I came out to inspect the car and she was rude and abrupt to me which I ignored I explained she had the heater controls in the wrong position FIVE TIMES I left her to sort this out as once again she became rude and aggressive, so I left her two it.

Ms Baily then contacted my about her “ rear head light bulb not working “ and arranged to come in Saturday she then requested that she would now like to change the car for the Fiat as she could now afford that I explained that I had sent the V5 off and could do nothing TWICE I was then subject to a stream of text messages which I ignored as I had made my point very Clear.

On Saturday Ms Baily arrived at the showroom I was on the phone to my daughter Mis Baily arrived she rang the bell in the showroom 35 times myself and my daughter counted it after realising she was very agitated. She rang my phone then text me at this point she came around to the private part of the work shop and saw me through a hole in the door and became extremely angry and aggressive and was screaming at the top of her voice I know your in there my daughter heard all this and told me not to go out and call the police. Shortly after this she left then the nasty text messages began I responded politely.

Ms Baileys fails to mention that she texted me and was very rude about my wife one of her comments was that she was “ a nasty old chavvy woman “ yes I did threaten to call the police as she is a very angry rude and frightening person All this is captured on our CCTV. And witnessed by a neighbour Finally, I think anybody that reads this disgraceful review will see it for what it is

Ian Brain Owner Braiburn Motors