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I am thrilled to have discovered the Living Centre Clinic and more importantly Vispi Jamooji. I sought out googles help to find me a place close to home to finally sort out the sudden and aggressive pain in my neck and upper back and I am officially starting to feel human again after just 2 sessions of osteopathy with Vispi. Only those who have suffered with neck or back pain will truly understand the gratitude I have for Vispi's 'healing hands'! What makes his treatment just that extra special is his calm presence and his wisdom, I honestly feel like he genuinely cares not only about fixing the ailments of every person that comes to see him but also about their genuine well being in this crazy thing we call life! Thank you Living Centre Clinic keep up the great work.
Bianca Geminiani, Google review for Living Centre Clinic   13-08-17
Tags: back pain, neck pain, osteopath


Incredibly professional, expert help from an osteopathy practitioner who is able to be compassionate as well as thorough.
Arwen Matthews
Tags: cranial osteopathy, osteopath